[podcast] lead in drinking water: is flint a washington dc 2.0 and other tales

This is a conversation with co-Principal Investigator (co-PI) Yanna Lambrinidou.

Against the backdrop of the Washington, DC 2001-2004 and Flint, MI 2015-2016 lead-in-water crises, the Podcast explores questions about the nature and prevalence of lead in US drinking water, the federal Lead and Copper Rule (LCR), and troubling complexities in the Rule’s revisions-making process. It also discusses the often-overlooked work of affected publics, which in the case of lead in water have played a catalytic role in exposing (and sometimes redressing) negligence or wrongdoing by engineers, scientists, policy-makers, and lawmakers alike.

Featured are personal reflections on the experience of public health activism in the face of professional misconduct, as well as questions about increasingly popular initiatives for the inclusion of diverse publics into the production of engineering/scientific knowledge (e.g., “public participation,” “citizen science,” “service learning”). The Podcast concludes with comments about the inspiration behind Yanna’s and Marc’s graduate class “Engineering Ethics and the Public.” 

This conversation was produced by Virginia Tech graduate student and Flint Water Study communications director Siddhartha Roy.

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