how to use this site (a suggestion)

The work, resources, and ideas featured on this website are available for use with proper attribution by anyone wishing to incorporate them into their teaching.

Although materials for adopting the DC Lead Crisis as a case study abound (and we are happy to share the resources we use), there are benefits to working with cases close to your specific area of expertise, geographical location, and/or professional interests. Personal involvement in a case can demonstrate for students the challenging and rewarding journey of exploring and uncovering the multiple dimensions of a moral controversy in engineering/science. It can also facilitate rich, long-lasting, and mutually-beneficial relationships with diverse stakeholders. Finally, it can embody cognitive and emotional richness unique to each case and each instructor-stakeholder partnership. Such richness has been found to hold promise for case-based knowledge acquisition and students’ transfer of this knowledge to real-world moral decisionmaking.

We would love your thoughts, reactions, and questions! To send us feedback, make sure to click on the title of each subsection, and scroll to the bottom of the page where you’ll see a box waiting for your comments.

Thank you and best of luck!

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